R/GA ON INFLUENCERS: Everybody is making fun of them, but…


Legendary advertising agency R/GA has published one interesting opinion about influencers. It’s an interesting angle of view on the position and place of the “influencers” in the advertising industry.

“Here’s the thing about influencers. Everyone in advertising likes to make fun of influencers — and fair enough — but they’ve managed to connect with audiences in a way brands can’t and would kill for.”, R/GA stated on Twitter.

R/GA is a full-service digital agency that creates advertising and marketing products based on technology and design. As they like to say: “R/GA is a company that creates transformation at speed.”

For those less informed, R/GA is founded in 1977 and they are famous for their unique approach to advertising and their excellent works. R/GA is headquartered in New York and it is having 16 offices all over the world.

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