FELDMAN ON MARKETING: There’s a whole list of things! (VIDEO)


Official YouTube channel of Freemius has published a very interesting presentation of founder and CEO of Freemius, Vova Feldman. The presentation was given on WordCamp Riga 2017.

“How to Build a Sustainable WordPress Plugin or Theme Business in The Subscriptions Economy” is the head title of this excellent presentation. It’s 44 minutes of “very valuable experience” presented.

He talked about the knowledge that one developer needs to have for processes of monetization and marketing of the product, emphasizing that “it usually takes 3 to 5 years” to learn everything and to be fluent in the business.

Feldman took his project RatingWidget as a case study to represent his path and experience in business development.

“There’s a whole list of things!”, Feldman explains, adding that “persistence” is what makes your business established with success.

Feldman talks about selling plugins and themes in a very detailed and good way, covering topics such as business models, product pricing, marketplaces, processes, know-how… or better said, every aspect of the business.

Take a look at it:

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