The State of the Word 2018: Blocks are taking over the world of WordPress! (VIDEO)

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Matt Mullenweg in Nashville / WCUS 2018

The State of the Word is the annual keynote address at WordCamp US, presented by the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. In this year’s address, Matt reintroduces WordPress including the Four Freedoms, the mission and he brings fresh informations about the new editor in WordPress 5.0.

Mullenweg talked also about the mission and efforts to democratize publishing, outlining that WordPress is big and that it’s supported by a robust commercial ecosystem of over 10B per year with market share of 32.5%.

He also mentioned one of his earlier statements about WordPress as “the web operating system”, reminding everyone how much open independent web is important.

Like i said a few years ago, we are building the web operating system. It’s operating system for open independent web, Mullenweg explained.

The most important issue anyway, at this year State of the Word, was Gutenberg. Mullenweg called it “the new DNA of WordPress”, outlining that “blocks are taking over the world of WordPress”.

Blocks are taking over the world of WordPress. Version 5.0 shipped with 70 native blocks and there are already more than 100 third-party blocks in existence and 1,000 configurations related to that, Mullenweg said, according to WPTavern.

“Blocks are predictable, tactile, and can be simple like a text block, or as rich as an e-commerce interface,” Mullenweg said.

He described blocks as the new DNA of WordPress, from which users can create anything they can imagine.

The Mullenweg’s presentation slides are available HERE

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