LAMBERT GROUP IS HOLIDAY-READY: Magic Christmas Cards on WordPress

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Christmas is at the door and you need a company Christmas card. You need a fast and simple solution.

Relax! There is one new magical plugin. With animation!

“Magic Christmas Cards With Animation – WordPress Plugin” is doing exactly what the title says. Gives you a tool to create “Christmas Card” for your company (for example), for the customers, clients, employees, guests…

It inspired us to write about it on #wpdevmag by an unusual approach in design. Can be very useful especially for the beginners.

It’s a new WordPress plugin of Lambert Group creative team. It’s published on CodeCanyon. Lambert Group is based in Bucharest, in Romania.

Lambert Group is one of the Elite Authors on CodeCanyon.

Magic Christmas Cards With Animation plugin has also a pop-up option and it’s compatible with IOS and Android mobile devices. It’s fully responsive.

Social platforms are supported in an excellent way. You can add in the card the links to your social channels pages and this plugin gives you a possibility to wish “Happy Holidays” online in an easy and creative way. Also, it can be used as the invitation to the Christmas party.

It’s simple and it’s well designed. Awesome for the beginners!

Lambert Group portfolio contains a vast number of plugins: sliders, carousels, video players, audio players, video & image backgrounds, logos, showcases, and countdowns.

As officially stated by Lambert Group, “the products are built with attention to details and have jQuery, HTML5 and WordPress versions”.

“Magic Christmas Cards With Animation – WordPress Plugin” is published on December 3rd, (2018) on CodeCanyon.

Official link:

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