Gough from Envato: There is a growing demand for easier tools!


Envato believes the new Envato Elements Template Kits category will further accelerate the adoption of page builders like Elementor to a wider group of users, giving more people the tools than ever before to build the website of their dreams without the need for a deep background in website development.

Here is what the General manager of Envato’s Content team, Cameron Gough, says about it.

“Launching Template Kits is our latest response to the growing demand for page builders and customers looking for design inspiration that is simple and easy to apply to their website,” says Cameron Gough.

“We know that the WordPress world continues to evolve and respond exceptionally well to the changing needs of the wider web design industry, and you only have to look at Gutenberg as one example of how the platform is evolving to meet the increasing demand for easier tools that provide a leg up on website design,” continues Gough.  

“Couple this with the strength of page builders such as Elementor and others, plus a vibrant and active community of developers, hosting providers and more, we think there’s never been a better time to provide a new and easier way to bring WordPress websites to life.”


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