WHAT IS WPTF: Fastest way to have your own theme on ThemeForest!?

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This is probably the fastest and easiest way to have your own theme on ThemeForest! We’re talking about The First WordPress Theme Framework and the team behind this extraordinary solution is Schiocco.

Schiocco (Pixor) is a web development company from Italy and it’s headed by Federico Schiocchet. Schiocco is having the Elite author status on ThemeForest.

So-called WordPress Theme Framework or The First WordPress Theme Framework, as officially stated, is a combination of unique features that are making this Framework the most flexible, productivity-oriented and simple to use WordPress Framework ever built.

You will need only 5 minutes to have your own theme ready to be deployed on ThemeForest, Schiocco team writes on their official page.

This solution is made and published during the 2017 year and it’s definitely something that could be very interesting to many developers. It’s worth to be checked!

As stated on the official page, you need only to create the design and insert the content. You don’t need to write not even one single line of HTML, JavaScript or PHP code. Extended license allows web developers and designers to build WordPress and HTML templates and to sell them on ThemeForest. This starting theme and plugin is already reviewed and approved by ThemeForest.

Check it out HERE for more details!

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