PROSPRESS JOINS AUTOMATTIC: Here it is how they created “Small Woorld”!

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Brent Shepherd, the founder of Prospress, in an interview for the official WooCommerce blog, after the acquisition, said that one of the things created at Prospress he is most proud of is the project “Small Woorld”.

Early on with Prospress, we explored a few different types of content for our blog. What we loved most was sharing stories of WooCommerce entrepreneurs. We eventually took some of their words and created a little book to give big inspiration to store owners. The book was called “Small Woorld”, and after its development, we decided to move all of our interviews to a dedicated blog with the same name, Shepherd said.

Prospress is joining Automattic to work closely with WooCommerce in creating a more unified subscriptions experience, Automattic stated in the official press release, adding that they will be supporting the continued development of Prospress’s other products.

Check out Small Woorld HERE

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