#WCEU2021 UPDATES: The Schedule published – awesome number of awesome “mega-events”!

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WordCamp Europe has published this year’s schedule of events and apparently high-end quality await us!

On WCEU Schedule we have excellent sessions, talks, workshops, but we would like to single out a great number of scheduled interviews with the biggest names in the WordPress ecosystem, and also we need to highlight very important discussion panels on some of the top issues concerning the WordPress development path.

The discussion panels include “FSE (Full Site Editing)“, “The Future of Themes in WordPress“, and two panels that are focused on contributing to the growth of the WordPress ecosystem.

“How contributors make WordPress”

Join Christopher Churchill and Abha Thakor as they chat to contributors who have been involved in major releases and projects within WordPress.org. They will explore the panel members ’favorite aspects of taking part, the impact it is possible to make, and what contributing has taught them.

Panelists will include Hauwa Abashiya, Paul Bearne, Estela Rueda, and Robert Windisch. They will also be joined by a number of contributors from other teams on the chat and in the question and answer area after the session.

Why contributing could be for you

This session will provide an introduction on what is contributing to the WordPress project and why you should take part.

You will meet a few of the thousands of contributors across the globe who ‘make’ the software and are part of its thriving community. These contributors will share what inspires them to be involved and highlight why and how you could too.

The panel will be chaired by WordCamp Europe’s Contributing Team members Abha Thakor and Pedro Fonseca.

Check out the dates and WCEU 2021 Schedule HERE

WCEU (WordCamp Europe) is the largest WordPress conference in Europe. WCEU 2021 will take place on 7-9 June 2021.

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