NEW RECORD OF “AVADA”: 500.000 copies sold (INFOGRAPHIC)


ThemeFusion today sold the 500.000th copy of their excellent WordPress theme “Avada”. They have announced it via Twitter.

Avada is a theme launched in 2012, and it’s the most popular WordPress theme of all time.

Development team ThemeFusion has earned millions with this “strange” theme that is having a truly unique position among WordPress themes.

Envato published a special insight on Avada. Here is the official Envato press release about half of a million copies of this amazing theme:

ThemeFusion, the genius’ behind the storied WordPress theme ‘Avada’, have just passed their most significant milestone to date.

On April 3rd, at approximately 1.05am AEST the 500,000th copy of Avada was sold.

This means that at any given moment, the template that was dubbed “The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes” by Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed could be powering up to half a million websites worldwide.

Since its introduction in 2012, Themefusion’s Avada launched like a rocket to become the single most popular WordPress theme of all time. In less than twelve months following its release, Avada had brought in a million dollars in sales for Themefusion. Barely two years later, that figure had multiplied to over ten million dollars. Today, Avada remains the highest selling WordPress theme on the planet with over twenty-five million dollars in total sales revenue.

With now over half a million customers worldwide, the ThemeFusion team cites customer support and a focus on their team as a guiding principle of their success.

“Our team is like a family, we take care of each other, help each other and have a lot of fun working together… Take risks and build up the people around you, listen to your customers and strive to grow.”

The Avada theme was first conceived by Luke Beck, a Florida-based Designer and Muhammad Haris, a freelance WordPress developer based in Pakistan. Today, ThemeFusion is comprised of a global team of upwards of 20 people, working across a mix of customer support and ongoing theme development to ensure the template remains on the cutting edge.

On behalf of the entire Envato staff and the broader community, we’d like to extend a very hearty congratulations to the entire ThemeFusion team.

To mark the occasion, the team at ThemeFusion have let us know that they will be running a celebratory sale over the course of the next week. At the time of writing, the ThemeFusion team are promoting a massive 35% off their standard price.

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