Lema’s four tactics for AOV (Average Order Value)


Chris Lema, one of the most popular WordPress influencers, published one interesting article titled “How to boost your Average Order Value”.

Lema explains what is AOV, how to calculate it and how to increase it. Here are 4 tactics Lema shared on his blog that leads to better Average Order Value. Enjoy!

Define a minimum order for free shipping

This approach is pretty easy. You know what your most common order value is (from above), so push your minimum a bit higher and make that the required minimum for free shipping.

If most of your orders are around $57, then you might say, “Get free shipping when you spend $75 or more.”

The numbers depend on your specific store, but it can be really powerful and most of the work is work you’ve already done to figure out your AOV.

Automatically apply discounts for larger orders

I’m a big fan of automatically applying discounts rather than having people leave my store to find a coupon code. It’s why I run Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro on most of the WooCommerce stores I build.

When a customer is getting close to my AOV, I want to encourage them to spend more. So I might use a popup to let them know if they buy XX more, they’ll get YY discount, Lema writes. 

There is how to do this with WooCommerce, Discount Rules and Ahoy as the notification component on Lema’s blog.

Offer bundles

Bundles are a great way of increasing your average order value. You know that some people will need more than a single item – because of the products you sell and the customers you have.

For example, if you’re selling printers, you know they need ink and a USB cable.

So bundle it all together. The approach Amazon takes is awesome because it’s not officially a bundle. It’s just a suggested set of items that are normally bought together, Lema says.

Create special first-time buyer offers

The last approach is often a little more work because it requires that you know whether a customer is new or not. But let’s assume you knew how to do that (see below). Then this tactic is also not that hard.

You simply want to limit a coupon to only those who have never made a purchase before.

For more details and the WooCommerce solution recommended by Lema, check out his official blog!

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