EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite

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#WPDEVMAG is bringing the exclusive interview with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite, one of the leaders and trendsetters of social media marketing in the WordPress ecosystem. The new developments of Social Web Suite, the importance of social networks, business, marketing, etc. Enjoy!

Tina, what is happening in the Social Web Suite lab these days!?

I am glad you asked. We are very excited to announce that you can now post directly to Instagram from Social Web Suite. YAY!

Besides that, we have lowered our prices (yup, you read that correctly) to help as many businesses as we can during these tough times. We have also introduced a micro plan for the people just starting out with social media.

Right now, we are preparing for our Product Hunt launch that will happen on March 22nd and we are super pumped about it. It would be great if your readers will come on Monday and provide us with their feedback. As the link will be created on Monday so I don’t have it now to share, your readers can go to ProductHunt.Com, and search for Social Web Suite and find us. We will also have a nice discount for the Product Hunt community.

Social Web Suite is a choice of some of the biggest names in WordPress, that fact is underlined on your official website. What makes it so good and what would be the greatest benefits of using Social Web Suite for one publisher!?

Great question. There are a lot of benefits, but I will mention here only a few (as I could write all night about them :-)). With Social Web Suite it takes less than 5 minutes to set everything up (including connecting your WordPress site) and you are good to go. Everything is already set for you so your posts will be shared automatically as soon as you publish them. However, if you want, you can customize it to suit your needs, as well. It is truly a set-it-and-forget-it social media app.

One of the greatest benefits is also that we have deep integration with WordPress via our plugin, including a few settings within WordPress. However, our plugin is lightweight and is not affecting the speed of your site (it has been tested with almost all of the biggest hosting companies in the WordPress world).

And probably the biggest benefit is that our users are shaping our app as we are developing it based on our user’s feedback.

Are there any special solutions for agencies that manage a bigger number of websites or a bigger number of social accounts!?

Yes, we have customized plans for agencies and enterprises. We also make customized solutions per request, add special features, and plan that suits them the best. In this sense, we are the only one on the market that does this. But, we understood early on that everyone has different needs so we are happy to help.

What are the latest most important improvements and upgrades of this plugin!?

Besides the ones that I have mentioned already, we are working on a Chrome extension and analytics. After that, we will see.

What is your selling strategy!?

I wouldn’t say that I have a selling strategy, but what has worked for us is that we believe in our product, we know that we are the best, and we are simply showing that to other people. Also, it doesn’t hurt that we have a good product and that we are nice people :-).

You are having a very special angle of view on social networks as one of the top managers of this specific kind of plugin. What can you tell us about the importance of social media and social marketing!?

I think that the current situation showed us all the importance of social media and social marketing. Social networks are where everyone is, so if you want to find customers/clients/users you better be active on social media (and use Social Web Suite to help you :-)).

Please, let’s close this conversation with one special positive message from you to our readers and to the WordPress community!?

The one thing that I really miss is that there are no live events anymore. I miss my friends from the WordPress community so let’s all pray that this will pass soon so we can hang out again. So my message will be: Hang in there, I can’t wait to see you all soon!

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