NEW FACE AT AUTOMATTIC: Meet the WordPress expert that might be “the first blogger in the world”!

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Andy Affleck is a freshly promoted WordPress expert and manager of Automattic. He is the new Technical Account Engineer at the WordPress.Com Special Projects team.

He started his work officially from January 30th. Affleck has shared positive impressions about his new position in Automattic and he gave an interesting insight into this amazing company in an article on his blog.

It’s like a Project Manager but more, Affleck described his new position.

“Automattic is the company behind WordPress. WordPress itself is an open source project but there are a lot of services behind it and that’s where Automattic comes in. My role, specifically, is Technical Account Engineer on the Special Projects team. It’s like a Project Manager but more.”, Affleck explained, adding that “they work on some pretty amazing sites”.

Affleck is not hiding his satisfaction and positive inspiration, that’s for sure.

“We work on some pretty amazing sites for some pretty amazing people. And if you know what sites I’ve managed the last four years you will know how desperately I need to work on positive sites like these!”, he added on his blog.

As part of the welcoming process at Automattic, first two weeks he was at the position of Happiness Engineer at support team, Affleck explained.

Full name of the guy is Andy J. Williams Affleck. He is into photography, gaming, and as he stated it on Twitter, he is a lego-fanatic and “bipedal”.

This top WordPress expert is actively having “WEBCRUMBS” blog since 1994. Read his article “Who is the first blogger!?” and how he might be the one.

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