RICH TABOR: Bright future of WordPress

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Rich Tabor, known for ThemeBeans, CoBlocks, and WPBlockGallery, shared several positive impressions about #WCEU 2019 in an article on his blog.

Tabor says that #WCEU was “as just as incredible as everyone said it would be”.

The city of Berlin was welcoming and beautiful, the sessions were great, and there was a lot of tasty food. But best of all, the vibrant WordPress community we all know and love was there in full-force, he wrote.

One thing I noticed in particular at WordCamp Europe was that the vibe was quite different from WordCamp US last year, where the recent release of Gutenberg cast dissension in all directions, Tabor says in his article.

I’ve said it a number of times in the past year or so, but it’s a fantastic time to be a WordPress developer, Tabor wrote.

In April, GoDaddy acquired all the WordPress products that Tabor has made and Tabor became a member of GoDaddy’s management.

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