The new block theme: Wabi by Tabor


Rich Tabor, designer and developer known for projects such as ThemeBeans and CoBlocks, now has launched a new WordPress block theme named Wabi.

Wabi foregrounds the simplistic design language of storytelling through clean lines, beautiful typography and a dynamic accent color system.

As he stated on his official website, it’s a brilliant theme for writers and publishers.

With Wabi, you may pick an accent color for each post and “theme” that content, providing a clever design layer to compliment the theme’s minimal style. Each post can have one of six different accent colors, all of which you may tailor within the new Global Styles interface. 

With multiple style variants (light, dark, and two dynamic color schemes — aoi and pinku) at your fingertips, Wabi is the most expressive and adaptable writing theme yet, Tabor writes on his website.

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