WordCamp Kent 2020: A few intro messages from a keynote speaker!


The official website of WordCamp Kent 2020 published an interesting interview with Steve Grunwell from Liquid Web, a keynote speaker.

Here is what he said about what inspired him for his keynote session named “The World Beyond WordPress”…

For too long, I’ve heard developers in the WordPress ecosystem be surprised to hear about the larger PHP community, but I’m the developer today because I’ve looked beyond the gates of WordPress. I’m a developer who happens to write PHP and work in WordPress, I’m not a “WordPress developer” or even a “PHP developer.”

The same goes for those in other specialties: An SEO specialist should know not just how to make WordPress do something, but also see what the larger ecosystem is doing (and, if Wix is doing something that WordPress isn’t, let’s build it!). WooCommerce shop owners aren’t just competing against the other WooCommerce sites, they have to contend with stores on Shopify, Squarespace, and every other eCommerce platform, Grunwell explains.

WordPress is simply a tool that helps us get where we want to go. The more we can learn from the larger communities surrounding our areas of expertise, the further we can go together, he added.

Steve Grunwell is a Senior Software Engineer at Liquid Web, working primarily on the Managed WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. Specializing in WordPress and web application development, he has a passion for teaching and contributing back to the development community through speaking, blogging and open-source work.

Due to Covid19, WordCamp Kent 2020 will be held online and dates are May 30-31, 2020. Read the whole Q&A with Grunwell on the WordCamp Kent site HERE

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