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According to the Central WordCamp site, since the pilot program for supplying production vendors to online WordCamps was announced, a few WordCamps have taken advantage of this – namely WordCamp Spain, WordCamp Santa Clarita, and the upcoming WordCamp Kent. This pilot program has proved to be a success, which means that all WordCamp organizing teams in 2020 will be able to count on this support.

Through this program, WPCS (WordPress Community Support, PBC) will pay the production costs of online WordCamps hosted in 2020 with the hope that this will result in more online WordCamps during this time of uncertainty and in-person disconnection. Removing the barrier to entry for online event production should help WordCamp organizing teams focus on the things that matter most: community, connection, and content. 

Online WordCamps will still need to go through the same approval process they normally would and will need to meet accessibility expectations (just like other WordCamps).

Organizers can contact a production company from a list of recommended vendors, or request estimates from a local online conference production vendor of their choice. In the budget review stage, if the team wishes to use a local vendor, the budget will be reviewed just like any other WordCamp budget.

Once an online production company has been selected, the organizing team and production company will work together directly to stage the event.

WordCamp teams will recruit speakers, sponsors, emcees, and live chat moderators, as well as handle site design and communications. The production company will handle the production of the stream & captions, and process the recordings.

Check out HERE for more details!

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