GODADDY’S ACQUISITIONS: New position on the market – new role in the ecosystem

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It’s expansion time for GoDaddy. ThemeBeans, CoBlocks, Block Gallery and (just one day later) SellBrite are now under GoDaddy umbrella.

The company GoDaddy is developing and it’s getting stronger in every field, including especially the people and management as the most important value for every company. Rich Tabor, the founder of ThemeBeans and author of the mentioned plugins, joined GoDaddy as Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience, so GoDaddy is stronger for one more outstanding WordPress expert and businessman.

Also, Brian Nolan, CEO of Sellbrite, and his company, as stated in an official release, “will continue to support existing customers and channel integrations, as well as the broader SMB market”.

GoDaddy is expanding the business very dynamically and they have already acquired several companies such as Main Street Hub, Plasso, Cognate, ManageWP, Sucuri, WP Curve…

CoBlocks and Block Gallery as the unique Gutenberg assets are going to bring up the GoDaddy as a player with a whole new position and impact on the WordPress market.

CoBlocks is the most innovative collection of page building WordPress blocks for the new Gutenberg WordPress block editor, and Block Gallery, Gutenberg block project for building beautiful galleries, is a winner in the Best Solution category of the Automattic Design Awards.

“WordPress already powers more than a third of websites on the internet, but with the introduction of the new block editor, codenamed Gutenberg, I don’t think there has ever been a more exciting time for the WordPress ecosystem or a more promising potential future for it.”, Aaron Campbell, GoDaddy’s head of the WordPress Ecosystem, wrote in the article about these acquisitions on the official GoDaddy blog.

“Gutenberg has given millions of WordPress users an editor that is easier, more intuitive, flexible, and powerful. We’re excited about that, but we’re even more excited about the possibilities it opens up for users of the WordPress platform.”, Campbell explains.

“As part of GoDaddy’s commitment to improving the WordPress experience for everyone, the blocks in CoBlocks will continue to be free and GoDaddy expects that future blocks will be made available to everyone as well. Better yet, the stunning ThemeBeans themes, which have previously been available only via purchase or membership to the paid ThemeBeans club, will be made available for free so that everyone can enjoy them. Watch for that to happen very soon.”

“The WordPress community continues to grow – both in market share and quality – and with the new editor finally here we’re at an exciting moment. We have a bigger opportunity than ever to change the web for the better, and adding Rich, CoBlocks and ThemeBeans to the GoDaddy family will help our pursuit.”, Campbell wrote.

Sellbrite powers Marketplaces for GoCentral Online Store

Sellbrite has enabled tens of millions of orders accounting for billions of dollars in sales and is a top-rated marketplace listing application on multiple e-commerce platforms.

GoDaddy bought Sellbrite and launched Marketplaces for GoCentral Online Store. With a few clicks, customers can list and sell their online store inventory through Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Jet, and, all from a single location – no plug-ins or add-ons needed.

With a simple, intuitive interface, GoCentral Online Store now provides powerful tools and automation to simplify listing, keep inventory in sync, avoid overselling, and centralize order fulfillment across sales channels. Users can also connect existing marketplace listings to their GoCentral Online Store.

As part of GoDaddy, Sellbrite will continue to support our existing customers and channel integrations, as well as the broader SMB market, the company stated in the official press release.

“After launching our partnership with GoDaddy and working so well with their team, it became clear to both sides the incredible value we could jointly deliver. It was also very clear to us that they were the right partner and that now was the right time.”, Brian Nolan, CEO of Sellbrite commented.

“During our first few months of customer rollout, Sellbrite + GoDaddy have enabled thousands of small business owners to connect their GoCentral Online Store to marketplaces and, on average, achieve a 115% increase in orders.”, Nolan said in the official release.

“This is really all about the people. Our team, who cares relentlessly for our customers, will be able to learn and grow in ways that our small company couldn’t offer, while the GoDaddy team will help us build upon our strengths with their deep customer and product experience. All of us at Sellbrite are excited to join GoDaddy.”, Nolan said.

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