EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Milica Djustebek from WordCamp Europe


As the official Media Supporter of WordCamp Europe 2021, #WPDEVMAG started “#WCEU2021 UPDATES” and now we’re closing it in the best possible way with one “after hour” exclusive interview with Milica Djustebek from the PR team of #WCEU2021. Enjoy!

What is your biggest impression from this year’s WordCamp event?

As the first-time WCEU organizer, it was seeing everyone working together to make it the best possible online conference, tailored to the needs of our WordPress community.

What could you single out about the experience of organizing WordCamp events and the specifics of organizing online events … Everything was at a high-quality level, so the question arises what was the biggest challenge of this year’s WordCamp?

The events are made for people by the people! It does not matter the size or the location, for every WordCamp out there, a team of people is working together behind the scenes on content, design, PR, services for the attendees and production details, etc. And what is great about being a part of the organizing team is that you get to know the WordPress community. Not just your local one, but regional and international, as the Camps are an immersing experience for everyone involved – organizers, volunteers, speakers, attendees.

It is easy to strike up a conversation on a WP topic and lead it in many directions, to network on an international level, to learn some new skills or improve existing ones, to give back to the WP community and make some new friends along the way. 

Milica Djustebek / PR manager of WordCamp Europe 2021

 Some things are hard to successfully transfer to the online events therefore it is better to create something new and not simply do a copy-paste from the offline event. Compared to an offline event, many of us are struggling to keep the attention during an online event or to commit our time to the event and not looking at that new email or checking out social media. 

So how to keep people glued – give them relevant content and many ways to engage with speakers and other attendees. 

Tell us what it’s like to be in a PR team? Must be very dynamic?

Actually, we had quite a varied amount of work, sometimes it was hectic and with many things happening at the same time, while during some weeks, we did not have that much on our plates.

However, it is dynamic because the PR team is collecting information from all other teams, sifting through all of it, creating newsworthy content and sending it out to the world. 

In addition to the organizing team, the process of organization is inseparable from cooperation with many companies and event sponsors who can also be called part of the “organization” !? Companies are also actively involved in defining programs, sessions and the most important topics, tell us more about the role of sponsors in organizing WordCamp events?

Having sponsors provides WordCamps with funds that can be used to further improve the conferences and make it more accessible to the wider WP community. Having long-term partnerships with corporate sponsors is crucial to the sustainability of any event, however, sponsors do not get to define the WCEU content as the choice of topics/speakers is the sole responsibility of the WCEU organizing team. 

Of course, WCEU has speakers who are working in the companies, sponsoring the event itself, nonetheless, the Content team is selecting speakers based on the relevance, and usefulness of their topic and also speaking experience. Furthermore, the vetting process is entirely anonymized so the members of the Content team don’t even know if potential speakers are coming from the companies vying for the sponsorships.  

Finally, your message or advice to all those who would like to take part in organizing a WordCamp event!?

Studies have shown that impactful volunteering has many benefits on the physical, mental, and emotional health so do not hesitate – seek out your local WordPress community and help in any way you can.

You will end up with some new skills, new business contacts, awesome memories, and on top of it – you will be spending time with some amazing people!


WCEU (WordCamp Europe) is the largest WordPress conference in Europe. WCEU 2021 was held on 7-9 June 2021.

#WPDEVMAG created “#WCEU2021 UPDATES” as the official Media Supporter of WCEU 2021.

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