WordPress Foundation: $1.2M of support during 2021

WPCS (WordPress Community Support), the subsidiary of the WordPress Foundation, has published an overview of the state of the support program’s finances. Here is the original article from make.wordpress.org:

WPCS rounded out the year with approximately $1.2M of cash on hand. Of this total, $293,000 relates to unused Global Sponsorship funds carried over from 2020. Annual estimated overhead and operating expenses, including Meetup.com fees, is ($276,000).

In addition, prepaid expenses total $216,374. These expenses are funds that were expended in 2020 for WordCamp Asia, WordCamp Atlanta, and WordCamp US, and are being held for future events.

Due to the fact that WPCS ended 2020 with a net loss, a tax form was filed to request a refund of $50,708 which is forthcoming.

The main expense for WordPress Community Support continues to be Meetup.com fees, which amount to approximately $55,000 per quarter or $220,000 per year.

Since WPCS is billed per group, a review of Meetup groups in the program will need to be conducted later this year in order to determine whether any groups need to be removed from the program due to inactivity. This will be done with the greatest of care as the past several years have been abnormal to say the least.

proposal for the 2022 Global Sponsorship Program was posted on November 22, 2021. WPCS, along with several Community Deputies, are currently finalizing contracts. A post is forthcoming with the finalized version of the 2022 program. 

What does this mean for the program:

WPCS does have an adequate amount of cash on hand to meet the current needs of the program, so as we proceed, we should do so cautiously until there is a solid return to in-person events and thus a reliable revenue stream. Responsible expense decisions have allowed the program to endure and stay flexible as in-person events slowly return from hiatus. Thank you to the organizers, sponsors, and deputies who have collectively supported and continue to support the program’s finances during this challenging time!